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    Leylk Everyday Brief

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    Leylk is machine-washable and reusable period-absorbing underwear — providing a more sustainable alternative to single-use disposable products. Leylk underwear for periods is designed in a range of absorbencies to support every stage of your flow. Every pair of Leylk period-absorbing underwear features our signature, innovative built-in technology — a moisture-wicking top layer, an absorbent core layer, and an outermost leak-resistant barrier.

    Leylk period underwear is designed to provide flexible protection, adapting to your unique flow. Your flow duration can vary, so wear Leylk for as long as it suits your needs. The style you choose influences this too, with some styles offering higher absorbency. This means that for some customers, Leylk can be worn throughout the day, while others might prefer to keep an extra pair as a backup, depending on their individual flow.

    Selecting the right size of period underwear is about choosing what feels most comfortable for you. You can refer to our size chart, which provides guidance based on the type of underwear

    Leylk is super simple to care for: make sure to wash before the first wear and after each use, on a cold, delicate machine cycle. You don't have to worry about your other laundry! Avoid fabric softener and bleach, and opt for air drying. No ironing necessary.

    Wearing Leylk is not only hygienic but also designed to keep you feeling fresh and dry. Leylk is ultra-absorbent, controls odor, and wicks away moisture. If your undies have not reached capacity, we recommend changing once daily, as you would regular underwear.

    easily washable

    no leaks, no odors

    soft and breathable